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Keep Your Skirt From Flying Up

  • Stay Covered

  • Stay Professional

  • Stay Classy

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What's It For?


Don't let that breeze or gust of wind cause your skirt or dress to fly up.


Keep everything covered. Don't let other people see what you want covered.


Keep your attire down where it's supposed to be.


Continue your normal tasks without worrying about holding your dress or skirt down.

Covered, Professional, Classy

Show me the Features

Be Photogenic

Look good for all of your photographs, and let Skirt Weights keep your skirt and dress down to keep the special picture looking just right.

Any Location

No matter how the weather is or where you are, Skirt Weights will help keep your attire the way they are meant to be worn.

Be Approachable

Let Skirt Weights give you that classy look that men are attracted to. They won't help but come up for a quick chat.

Easy to Attach

Skirt Weights are extremely simple to attach and detach from all of your wardrobe. Mix and match your weights with your attire for the best look.


Swarovski's award winning crystals will surely help you gleam. Skirt Weights will help your outfit from flying up, and keep you looking great.


Skirt Weights are another great addition to your current list of jewelry accessories. Skirt Weights are made with the highest of quality. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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